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Hampshire K9 Massage Therapy offers a handful of classes helping ou understand the benefits of massage therapy for animals






COST: £90




You must bring your Dog.......


Beginners Guide to Canine Massage is the perfect introduction into how dog massage can help your best friend at home! By the end of this 1 Day Workshop you will be able to give your dog a Full Body 40 Minute Swedish Massage to help loosen stiff, sore, tight muscles, improve their comfort levels and improve their sense of wellbeing.


  • Pet Dogs

  • Dogs with Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia

  • Active younger dogs

  • Senior or ageing dogs

  • Dogs who are slowing down

  • Agility or Sporting/Working Dogs

  • Dogs who have stopped doing things they once did ( get on/off sofa, in/out of car)

  • Owners looking to help support their dogs canine physiotherapy needs

  • Owners who are looking to enable a better quality of life

  • People interested in natural or complimentary healthcare

  • Professionals for Continuing Professional Development (please note that the workshop does not allow you to practice with the public’s dogs. This is a self-interest workshop only

  • Dog Trainers

  • People considering applying for the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme with the Canine Massage Centre

  • Behaviourists

  • Dog lovers and those passionate about the health and longevity of our dogs


The science behind how and why massage works as well as the positive physiological (body) and psychological (mind) effects it has on a dog

Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

  • How To Locate Bony Landmarks and Why Its Important Before Starting Any Massage Routine

  • How To Locate Your Dogs Main Muscle Groups – You’ll be working with your own dog to do this!

  • How To Spot Subtle Signs of Muscular Injury In Your Dog


Tutorial 2 - Swedish Massage Practice

  • Learn a Massive 9 Techniques from the Discipline of Swedish Massage for your dog

  • Learn & Practice Passive Range Of Movement Safely and in Alignment – a strong yet gentle technique to improve mobility in your dogs joints and muscles

  • As a matter of Best Practice we ensure that each and every dog attending one of our workshops has a full body palpation. This is a muscular health check for your dog that can flag up areas of muscular issue and pain, or joint concerns, which may mean a certain type of technique or passive range of motion may not be suitable for them. This way we can ensure that each dog is given the appropriate massage techniques for that individual. The Muscular Health Check is offered to your dog as a free service and does not incur any extra charges.


Tutorial 3 - Guided Routine and time for Self-guided practice.

The teacher will be demonstrating, and then guiding you as you apply the knowledge from the day to give your dog a Full Body 40 Swedish Massage Routine. There is also time allocated for self-Guided Practice where Darren will answer any of your questions to ensure you are competent and confident in your techniques and practise

– Pre and Post Event Massage


COST: £90




You must bring your Dog.......


Developing fitness, stability and strength in your sporting dog doesn’t just rely on exercise and training. The best way to compliment your dogs sporting needs, is to address the hard working muscular system which is often the first place the body will accrue stress, tightness, fatigue and injury that can inhibit normal performance. Learn how to look after your dogs muscular system so they can have a long, safe career in their sporting discipline.


In this fascinating and information packed 1 day workshop we teach you how to:

  • Apply a Full Pre Event Full Body Massage to enhance your dogs performance, improve Range of Motion (ROM) and reduce the likelihood of injury and fatigue

  • Apply a Full Post Event Cool Down Massage to help move the metabolic by products of exercise through the system to reduce stiffness and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

  • Understand how muscle works to enable the dog to produce movement

  • Spot when a Training Problem may be a Physical Problem


In this fun and information packed workshop we show you how to help reduce the likelihood of injury to your dogs muscles, improve their focus, speed and accuracy, and prepare them to give their optimal performance each and every time.


  • Agility

  • Working Dogs

  • Obedience

  • Flyball

  • Gun Dogs

  • Dog Trainers/Agility Trainers (please note this workshop does not permit you to teach canine massage or perform it on anyone’s dog. If you are interested in becoming a Practitioner please see the 2 Year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme run by the Canine Massage Centre)

  • Heelwork to Music

  • Assistance Dogs

  • Sled Dogs

  • People with active dogs

  • In fact any sport that requires your dog to train on a repetitive basis



Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

  • How Pre and Post Event Massage helps to enhance and prolong your dogs sporting life. The science behind massage and its applications in sport.

  • How To Locate Bony Landmarks and Why Its Important Before Starting Any Massage Routine

  • How To Locate Your Dogs Main Muscle Groups. You will be working with your own dog to do this!

  • How To Spot Subtle Signs of Muscular Injury In Your Dog

  • How To Spot Signs of Performance Injury so you can catch an issue before it becomes a problem


Tutorial 2 – Applied Massage

  • 9 Massage Techniques we show you how to massage correctly and confidently by applying a set number of techniques that work on different fibre directions and layers of muscle to improve their ability to lengthen and contract.

Tutorial 3 – The Pre & Post Event Massage Routine Practice

  • The Pre Event Canine Massage – Learn How To Apply a 5-10 minute Full Body Pre Event Massage to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury

  • The Post Event or Cool Down Massage – Learn How To Apply a 5-10 Minute Full Body Post Event Massage

  • Maintain and Gain at Home:  Learn how to mix up your massage techniques from earlier in the day with this little added bonus, a relaxation inducing massage beneficial for the body and the mind.

A Pre Event massage does not replace a warm up for your dog but compliments it. It prepares the body for high intensity action or sustained long events.

The purpose of the Pre Event Massage is not to treat tissue as would happen in a remedial sports massage with a Canine Massage Guild Practitioner. Instead it is the skilled application of a set range of massage techniques to address the specific areas, which accrue stress and fatigue and to prepare the muscles by loosening them to promote better Range of Motion. Importantly it helps to significantly decrease the chances of Muscular Injury, mainly the Strain which can cause lameness and in some cases is the reason for a dog having to retire from their sport. The massage does this by bringing flexibility, warmth and length to the tissue to enable its efficient lengthening and contractive states.

The Pre Event Massage brings many unique benefits to a dog’s performance and we appreciate that all dogs are individuals. This is why all dogs at the workshop will be given a free muscular health check to highlight areas of muscular issue, which could be contributing to performance issues and muscular discomfort when some of the techniques are applied. We never force the technique upon the dog, so we ensure that the Routine is adapted to meet their individual needs.

We will also be spending some time discussing which muscle groups accrue the most stress during a specific sport. This way you can tailor your routine in the field to address your dog’s specific stress points.

The Post Event Massage is typically given anywhere from 30 minutes up to 24 hours after the end of activity. It helps to aid in the recovery of exercise and sport by improving circulation, reducing muscular tension and inducing the parasympathetic or Rest and Digest response. Its other primary benefit is helping to shift the metabolic waste products of exercise. Commonly thought of as Lactic Acid build-up, this is actually a myth that was debunked years ago. The soreness that is caused 24 to 48 hours after exercise is actually caused by the release of chemical irritants. This triggers mild inflammation due to micro fractures in the muscle cells, this is felt as a pain signal, and in turn soreness and stiffness. DOMS is also linked to how an individual’s muscle cells regulate calcium.


Post Event Massage helps to reduce soreness and pain when the correct set of Massage Techniques are applied.